HR WhatNow: Hiring methods to bring the company to the next level August 31, 2021

Great managers are usually experts in their work with a strong performance record in the company and an interest to be in charge. But to lead a team successful they need to develop another skill; talent management.

The ability to see talent before others helps to unlock their member’s potential, and making the right decisions to match employee to roles. A good match of roles to employees is crucial to creating a topnotch team.

But it is not easy to do that, it requires leaders to be open minded and give up on popular, albeit outdated, hiring tactics.

While there is no one “perfect” method to choose a talent, there are better approaches than those we have relied in the past.

In this article we have outlined 4 recommendations to help our readers update their hiring tactics.

1) Think ahead

Usually prospective employees are asked during interviews what their five-year career targets are or where they see themselves in five years time; yet few managers ask themselves about their own future talent strategy.

Most managers know what kind of employees they are looking out for at the moment, but few think ahead to figure whether their new hire will align with the long-term strategy.

With the long-term strategy in mind, it is easier to focus the efforts on hiring someone with the necessary expertise to move forward. Not everyone the team comprise of today. The key is to play the long game while con-currently executing the shorter term goals.

2) Self-awareness

Is your work, your “business” too? Is it short-term or is it a commitment that you have chosen to invest in and grow? Your intentions for your work will determine your actions and results. Recognizing how you approach your work will drive how manage and work with your team.

3) Data-driven

Every one makes bad hiring decisions from time to time without exception. But rather than acknowledging it but most hiring managers would rather inflate performance than admit a wrong hire.

That is why true leaders need to be extra self-critical and test the outcomes of our decisions. Which is why when you are able to nominate someone as an employee, arm yourself with solid data to ensure that your decision is backed by evidence & sensible even if in future it isn’t.

With the evolution of the workforce, the process of talent identification will always be an ongoing process of trial and error. So the point is not about getting it right, but to find better ways of being wrong.

4) Ability to motivate

Not every task at work is exciting – but everyone has a part of their daily tasks which they look forward to completing and those they dread and put off until the last moments.

These dreaded tasks are where the people management skills comes into play.

When it comes to those less exciting tasks, leaders need to create a sensible reasoning or argument as to why it is crucial to their work.

To successfully create this reasoning, working on the emotions of your employees and what matters to them will improve the conversations and that is done by identifying their talents, abilities, and strengths.

Now use your findings as a reason to act – for example, if your employee is motivated by career development, you could frame a new project as a stepping stone for this.



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