HR WhatNow: Getting Organisation Culture Right August 2, 2021

Company culture is an integral part of business. It affects every aspect of a company. From recruitment to employee satisfaction, the backbone of a company is contributed by a happy workforce.

So the the type of corporate culture can determine the results of a company’s bottom line.

With the pandemic changing how organizations work, we have went back and forth between being physically present in an office, remote working and the hybrid model.

In this situation being able to create a positive workplace culture has not only became a highlight, but also, the challenge to sustain it has significantly increased.

However it is also a chance for companies to re-evaluate priorities and work environments where their employees can feel inspired, engaged and productive despite the changes that they need to go through.

Creating purposeful virtual meetings

In normal scenarios employees may often find themselves in meetings they don’t really need to attend. Now with more employees working remotely, the number of meetings have not only increased, but also the number of attendees in a virtual meeting.

Employee tends to get disengaged in subsequent meetings when they suffer a burn-out from being  involved in too many meetings that they have little participation or purpose in.

Consider shifting key people to receive only take-aways and meeting summaries, rather than adding everyone in the department(s) to attend the meeting.

Incorporate simple, structured practices into your company’s online meeting culture. Things like starting each meeting by outlining the objectives & desired outcomes and the last five minutes to recap the meeting agenda, decisions, and next steps will give the employees a better sense of purpose during the meeting.

Emphasis on employee wellness. 

No company can create a positive culture without healthy employees. Employees need to feel their best in order to gain and re-contribute back to a positive culture.

Fundamentally employee wellness is a building block to create a positive corporate culture. So leaders should make it a point to make resources available for their employees to tap into in order for them to be their best self.

Enhance, not reconstruct, from your current culture. 

When building a corporate culture, it doesn’t mean that employers should scrap everything they have established, rather employers should work to enhance the existing culture. An exercise with the employees to ask what they like and don’t like about the current environment will provide invaluable feedbacks.

Using these relevant suggestions, leaders will be able to quickly identify, review and implement new policies that’s appropriate for their workforce.

Hold employees accountable for exhibiting the culture

By creating metrics and monitoring how well employees are demonstrating the culture, the organization can detect, troubleshoot and arrest issues quickly.

On top of that, by rewarding those who exhibit the culture and giving appropriate consequences for those who don’t, employees are given a sense of responsibility on their feedbacks about the company.

Ensure leaders are walking the talk

There won’t be much success in building an open and honest culture if the leaders themselves are not living out the culture of the companies. It will result in more disharmony and discontentment in the organization.

Make sure that the team leads & heads of the departments understand the culture and evaluate against their management style and behavior.


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