Is the ‘Future Office’ Home? May 27, 2020

Navigating into the new norms isn’t just making changes for the short term to combat the spread of this COVID-19 global pandemic or other pandemics to come. It now means possible long term changes as well. Companies who did not previously allow tele-commuting must now embrace working from home as part of the a new business practises.

Is the ‘future office’ that you are working on now, used to be your little cozy corner called your reading area or a space on your dining table, when other than lunch-dinner hours, can be quickly turned into a workstation with laptop, notepad, additional screen and all? As an employer, how would you know if your team members are contributing without physical ‘line-of-sight’ or how do employees feel towards their own appraisals from their managers?

Enable Consulting’s Managing Director, Ms Joerin Yao speaks on how the group’s working from home culture started as a drive for her to build a more parent-friendly workplace, more than seven years ago, is now becoming the new norm. What started as a far sighted vision to create that ‘unique workplace’ to boost morale and increase efficiency has now been embraced as a new standards of business practice. Ms Yao and team now help clients make this change with as little impact to their human resources and yet to still achieve corporate objectives, using technology and different successful approaches. Approaches that enables balance in all areas, for the employers as well as employees in a fair and just manner.Email us to find out more

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(Photo: Unsplash/Alexandru Acea)